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A.ti.tudo Nature wants to associate rural accommodation with healthiness and wellbeing, with a strong commitment to sustainability. Our mission is to combine the Philosophy of Prevention with the improvement of our visitor’s lifestyle. With this purpose, we created a bundle of experiences, perfect for those who need and eager for a new way to act and think.

This place is surrounded by dreams and tales. A.ti.tudo Nature was born out of a dream to build a place that could give our visitors a new healthier and happier way to live. As time passed, the ambition of Sara Diogo, founder of the project, led her to create a place for accommodation, with wellbeing and self-development classes in a 13-hectare plot laden with harmony.

Located between the hills and valleys of Senhora do Verde, with Golf do Morgado and Monchique hot springs in the surrounding area, you can stay here in pure communion with nature, enjoying a microclimate of isolation, exclusivity and, above all, pleasant temperature constantly. Surrounded by trails and footpaths that can be travelled freely or with the project activities, A.ti.tudo Nature wants people to feel free to explore and discover this magnificent plot.

One of our major concerns with this project is sustainability and how to share it. A.ti.tudo Nature works with renewable energies and it’s completely auto-sufficient. We maintain ecological standards that we want to share with out visitors, so we can, together, improve life on Planet Earth.

Come experience our premises and nature, be it by enjoying our packs or events, or by staying at one of our bedrooms, and relax while learning how to see life with a fresh perspective.

A.ti.tudo Nature, a way of living.


Free Wi-Fi 

Breakfast Included

Pet Friendly


Swimming Pool


Yoga Sessions



Sara Diogo

Founder and Manager

Cheila Venusa

Marketing Manager



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