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Pure serenity with Relaxing Massage with essential oils, Ayurvedic Massage, and Hot Stone Massage.



Explore nature with our hiking trails, connecting with stunning landscapes and panoramic views.


PNL Consultation

Program your mind, overcome obstacles, develop habits, and bring well-being and balance to your life. 

Available in Portuguese only

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Find peace and balance, where you will be guided to a state of deep tranquility and self-connection. 

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Explore the enchanting landscape of A.ti.tudo Nature with our complimentary guest bicycles. 

Currently undergoing maintenance.

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Coaching Session

Unleash your potential, overcome challenges, and create an action plan to achieve the desired success

Available in Portuguese only

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Improve flexibility, correct posture, and reduce anxiety by strengthening your body and finding balance between mind, body, and spirit.

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Fire Circle

At the end of the day, once a week, enjoy a glass of wine and the cozy warmth of the fireplace. 

Not available on very hot days.

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Reiki Sessions

Balance your energy and find inner peace through Reiki, a hands-on healing therapy that promotes relaxation and well-being.

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