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More than an hotel...

We are the A.ti.tudo Nature

A refuge of tranquility, wellness, and learning in the middle of Nature.


Welcome to A.ti.tudo Nature,

where we invite you to a new way of living, disconnecting from the world and connecting with yourself and the environment!

Experience the perfect fusion of comfort, sustainability, authenticity and knowledge. Open yourself to the world and live a unique and memorable experience.

Your furry friend is welcome. We provide a warm and inclusive experience for everyone, both two-legged and four-legged.


Live the A.ti.tudo Nature experience, where time slows down and the soul is renewed.

What's the A.ti.tudo Nature Experience?


We prioritize your well-being in every detail. We take care of your body, mind, and soul, offering a variety of activities and services that will rejuvenate and inspire you.

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We aim to boost your growth both personally and professionally. We offer a variety of trainings to develop valuable skills for your self-improvement and success.

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Our cozy and carefully designed rooms are the perfect environment to relax.

Our gastronomy celebrates local flavors, using fresh ingredients.

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Our commitment to sustainability


At A.ti.tudo Nature, our commitment to sustainability is a top priority. We take pride in being a fully self-sustainable place, using photovoltaic panels for energy and solar panels for water heating. Additionally, we rely on a groundwater well system to ensure clean and pure water supply. We are dedicated to caring for the environment and promoting sustainable practices, providing our guests with a harmonious and eco-friendly stay.

Join us on this green journey, where nature inspires us and we take care of it.

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